“Entangled” versus “Engaged” – The Difference between Good and Great Companies

“Employee Engagement” and discussions about company culture have become inseparable. Why is employee engagement such a hot topic? Engagement reflects the commitment people have toward their jobs and the work they do. Engagement can be either rational, where a person is committed because of some ...

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Avoiding Organizational Leadership Crises

Shortly after Lance Armstrong’s “fall from grace” in the aftermath of his admission to doping, I was asked to write an article on surviving a leadership shakeup within an organization. Some organizations do very well in avoiding crises and shakeups that can seriously disrupt performance becaus...

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Build a Better Leadership System

A Business Leader’s New Year Resolution: Build a Better Leadership System – Part I Tom Walter, one of my co-authors, and I were recently asked what business leaders could do to make their companies better in 2013. Our response: Build a better leadership system. Why? The financial success that ev...

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Applying Military Leadership Skills to Civilian life

What Civilians Can Learn from Military Leaders I was delighted to see Harvard Business Review spotlight military leadership skills in its November 2010 edition. First, the United States’ military services have been the best leadership laboratories in the world because they have been teaching leade...

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Do you have a mindful organization?

When was the last time you received an email where the writer focused so heavily on his needs that he failed to account for others’ views, experience, or knowledge that might actually present a potential solution to a stated problem? Many times, those with whom we deal have a narrow focus, fostere...

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